What to Expect

Ecstatic Dance is different from traditional styles of dance in many ways. For this reason it may feel like a foreign experience due to pre-conceived notions many of us have about what dance should and shouldn't be. One of the challenges is to break down these mental constructs, so that you can experience the life-altering changes that come from authentic, free-form movement. 


Free-form movement is unique to you, so you will not be “following an instructor” like you would in conventional dance classes. However, having an experienced facilitator or coach (like Paula Lane) will help to guide you so that you can relax in a safe environment and open up to discovering your own unique dance. Think of it as an expert holding your hand while you learn to move in an authentic manner that is uninhibited by the conscious mind, and experience the many benefits the journey offers! 

"After decades of practice, I am still awe-struck with the intense feelings of peace, unity and ecstasy that come from an Ecstatic Dance session."  Paula Lane

Dance alone or with others

Unlike other forms of dance, you can do Ecstatic Dance alone or with a partner. Its up to you if you want to interact with others as you dance, and its certainly fine to dance alone. This may feel a bit strange at first given that most of us have a preconceived notion of dance being done with a partner.

Dance in any position and in any way

Ecstatic Dance gives you the freedom to move in any way you feel comfortable. This means you can dance using any kind of movement, from any position. Your movements may be very small and they may or may not travel to other parts of the body. Your movements may become larger gestures at some points and return to smaller gestures or vice versa, all depending on what calls out to you. You may dance while in a seating position, or decide to kneel, stand or even lay down while you dance. Whatever feels right to you.

General Guidelines

Most in-person Ecstatic Dance sessions will follow similar general guidelines as follows: