Paula Lane

Facilitator | Coach | Author


Paula Lane offers the following services:


While pursuing her psychology degree, Paula Lane became drawn to the mind-body connection and the positive impact that movement has on moods. This led her to enroll in a variety of college level dance classes in order to explore different styles of movement. She later pursued 7 years of Modern Dance training from the Isadora Duncan Company and became an avid NYC club-goer to further explore the benefits that result from free-form movement. All of these experiences led to her discovery of Ecstatic Dance through personal experimentation. She has practiced Ecstatic Dance for decades, and has facilitated sessions using her own technique for several years.

Paula is a certified Spiritual Life Coach and works with clients to help them manifest the life they want using Ecstatic Dance and other tools.

Additionally, Paula has written non-fiction stories that highlight how Ecstatic Dance has helped her to foster healing, become more resilient, and live more authentically.