Brief History

In the ancient and widespread practice of shamanism, ecstatic dance and rhythmic drumming are used to alter consciousness in spiritual practices. Ecstatic sacred dances are known also from religious traditions around the world. Modern ecstatic dance was revived by Gabrielle Roth in the 1970s and formalised in her 5Rhythms practice; it is now found in variants across the western world. (Source: Wikipedia)

Modern Ecstatic Dance is becoming more popular in communities across the world, and we are living in an era in which it may soon become the new yoga. See Connect or Explore for more information.

"When there is dancing and no dancer, it is the ultimate of meditation. Ecstasy. Freedom. Freedom from the Ego. Freedom from the Doer." Osho

Ecstatic comes from the Latin word ekstasis – “standing outside oneself.” At ecstatic dance, you’ll see people lose themselves in movement.