My Mission

I have heavily relied on Ecstatic Dance many times in my life to help cope with stress and adversity, and time and time again it has helped me immensely. Ecstatic Dance has helped me transform my life in a multitude of ways, such as deal with the loss of a loved one, an accident, a chronic illness, a divorce, a career change, and more. As a result of practicing it, I feel more comfortable in my skin, and more confident, creative and spontaneous. I have learned to trust my inner voice and feel more in touch with my emotions. I also feel like I am living in a more authentic way that is aligned to my highest values and goals, and this has helped me realize my life's purpose.

My technique is a simple tool that can help people to de-stress, feel grounded, and take steps toward discovering a more authentic self. It can also help people heal from trauma. The technique is designed to be flexible and portable. It can be practiced anytime, anywhere - after learning some basic fundamentals. 


My dream is to empower people of all walks of life to discover their unique inner dance, and live more authentic and fulfilling lives. I will manifest this dream by sharing Ecstatic Dance with as many people as possible, as a simple tool for empowerment and self-discovery.

I facilitate in-person Ecstatic Dance sessions in Long Island, NY. I also offer 1:1 coaching to help those who are new to Ecstatic Dance and want to explore whether it's for them, as well as to those who are experienced and want to refine their practice.  I am available for a free phone consultation as well. Check out the video below or see Connect for more information!